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Impact of soil pH on Bermudgrass Production:

Locations: Chickasha.  Est. 2012

This trial is designed to evaluate impact of soil pH on Bermudagrass Production.  A range of soil pHs have been established from 4.0-7.0.  


Soil Fertility N,P, K management:

 Locations: Chickasha Est. 2012 

This trial is designed to evaluate long-term impact of  bermudagrass production without use of P and K fertilizer.  Also included in this trial is comparison of UREA and Ammonia Nitrate as N fertilizer sources.  

Sensor Based N Rate Calculator:

Locations: Supported by County Educators.  Est. 2014

This project is being implemented by County Educators across the state of Oklahoma.  Educators involved have established N rate plots, collected sensors readings and harvest biomass.  the data is being used to improve and validate the use of the Sensor Based N Rate Calculator in bermudagrass production.   


 Product in Bermudagrass Production:

 Locations: Chickasha Est. 2014

This trial is designed to evaluate the efficiency of specialty N fertilizers and traditional fertilizer application methods in bermudagrass production.  

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