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Grain Sorghum

Grain Sorghum

Use of Starter Fertilizers in Sorghum Production:

Locations: Billings, Red Rock, Enid and Guymon.  Est. 2014

This trial is designed to evaluate the use of starter, seed placed, fertilizer.  Locations picked for, low soil pH, High soil pH, low soil test P, and high yield potential. 
Treatment include multiple rates of 10-34-0, additions of S, Fe, Zn, testing of fertilizer inhancers, and specialty fertilizers. 
Graduate Student Assigned: Cameron Nisley 

NUE Improvement in Sorghum:

Locations: Blackwell, Red Rock, Chickasha Est. 2011 Concluded 2013
This trial is designed to evaluate the efficiency of specialty N fertilizers and traditional fertilizer application methods in grain sorghum production.
Treatment include UAN Culture Injected vs Surface Broadcast vs Surface Band. Use of Nutrispere and Agrotain + with Culture Injected UAN. Use of ESN and Super U vs Urea.
Graduate Student Assigned: Katlynn Weathers
Project supported by the Sorghum Checkoff Program
No publishable results came of this trial due to the extended drought and long-term effects that reached into 2013 crop year with increased mineralization. 


Relative Yield in Low pH Soils:

Locations: Lahoma, Perkins, Haskell Est. 2009 Finalized 2010
This trial is designed to tell us how much yield we will lose, as a percentage of the total possible, if we grow Grain Sorghum in acid soils.
Treatments include a range of pH's:
7.0, 6.0, 5.5, 5.0, 4.5, and 4.0
Graduate Student Assigned: Katy Brookman Butchee (Currently Employed by Western Ok State College, Altus Ok.)


Stand was dramatically impacted by soil pH in 2009

grain sorghum emergence in acid soils


Stand was not initally impacted by pH, primarily due to wet spring, however plant health was.. Image from Perkins OK. Soil pH


Starter Formulations in Grain Sorghum:

Locations: Blackwell and Cherokee
This trial is designed evaluate different starter formulations.
Work is being done in cooperation with Rick Kochenower and Roger Gribble.

1   Check, no starter
2   10-34-0 alone 5 gal/ac
3   10-34-0 plus  KTS (potassium Thio sulfate) 3gal APP and 2 gal KTS/ac
4  10-34-0 plus ATS (ammonia thiosulfate) 3gal APP and 2 gal ATS/ac
5  10-34-0 plus dissolved potash (2lb 0-0-60 /ac) 3gal APP and 2 gal DP/ac

2010 Results

Planting Date report from Rick K. 
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