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Current Trials

Results and descriptions of the trials located within the particular Cropping system pages, i.e. Wheat, Corn, ect.


Currently Evaluating

Avail, Wheat

ESN, Wheat, Grain Sorghum

Nutrisphere-N, Wheat, Grain Sorghum

CoRoN, Wheat

Super U, Grain Sorghum


Past Products

N-Sure, Wheat

Nitamin, Wheat

Dura-N, Wheat

KTS Potassium Thio-Sulfate, Grain Sorghum

ATS Ammonium Thio-Sulfate, Grain Sorghum

Nitrification Inhibition  -N Leaching Study:

Locations:Laboratory study
Est: Summer 2011
This trial evaluates the leaching of NO3 from application of Urea and Urea with Nutrispere-N and Super U
Started  in Cooperation with Dr. Chad Penn.



Researchers are continually evaluating products sold to stabilize or enhance nutrient use efficiency. The following PDF is a list of available PEER REVIEWED articles on relevant products.  This is an evolving list as new papers are published and older article are brought to our attention. The table provides a very BROAD summary.  Please view each paper of interest to better understand the researchers findings.  Additionally there is a significant number of non-reviewed articles available.  None of these are included as the neither the science nor conclusions have been critically evaluated. 

Summary of Peer Reviewed Articles on Nutrient Products last updated 8.20.2014


Southern Cooperative Series Bulletin New Technology & Alternative Technology Nitrogen Sources for Crops in the Southern U.S.  This bulletin is a summary of a Multi-Year, Multi-State, Multi-Crop project which evaluated several nitrogen products currently available on the market. 


Presentation from University of Maryland on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Stabilizers.
PDF Courtesy of Josh McGrath and Greg Binford




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