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Soil Fertility Handbook pgs 66-71 for Crop Fertilizer Recommendations


Pasture/Forage Fertility Guide low res                         N-Rich Booklet

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Crop Fertilty

Diagnosing Nutrient Deficiencies in Canola PSS-2171

Starter Fertilizer for Winter Canola in Oklahoma PSS-2172

Agronomic Management Practices for Controlling Sugercane Aphids PSS-2179

Oklahoma State University Soil Test Interpretations.  PSS-2225 

Cotton Yield Goal Nitrogen Rate Recommendation. PSS-2158  

Phosphorus Fertilizer.  PT-2011-06

Response of Old World Bluestem to N and P fertilization, yr 1.  PT-2011-05 

Fertilization Based on Sufficiency, Build-up and Maintenance Concept PSS-2266 

Fertilizer and Lime Recommendations for Canola in Oklahoma PT2004-6 

Fertilizing Bermudagrass Hay and Pasture PSS-2263 

Alfalfa Stand Establishment: PSS-2089

Sulfur Requirements of Oklahoma Crops PSS-2237

Record wheat yields at Lahoma OK.   CR-2176

Fertilizer and Lime Recommendations for Cow peas in Oklahoma PT2006-1


Precision Ag


Applying Nitrogen-Rich Strips CR-2277 , Update of CR-2255

Application of Reference Strips (N-Rich Strips) CR-2255 

The History of the GreenSeeker Sensor PSS-2260  


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