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The PaSS Extension Newsletter has been converted to a Webpage where articles are posted and email recipients receive notice of new articles.

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All articles written after February 2011 are available on www.extensionnews.okstate.edu
There is a nice search engine available that allows you to browse old articles based on key words or authors.  ENJOY

Extension Newsletter article topics

Zone Management
Soil Testing and N-Rich Strips
Residual Nitrates after drought

Pre 3/11 Articles.

Protein Predictor 1-14-2011

Pocket Sensor 10-26-2010

Before you Sow 7-2-2010

Tissue Testing 6-23-2010

Extension Twitter 5-24-10

Fertilizing Summer Forages 4-23-10

Nitrogen Stabilizers 3-29-10

Wait on it (N-Rich Strips) 2-19-10

Wet fields and N Status 2-19-10

Forage Pete's Sheet 1-14-110


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