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Journal Publications

Sutradhar, RP Lollato, D.B. Arnall, K.B. Butchee.  2014.  Determining Critical Soil pH for Sunflower production. Int. J. Agron.  Link  PDF

Bushong, J.T., D.B. Arnall, and W.R. Raun.  2014.  Effect of preplant irrigation, nitrogen fertilizer application timing, and phosphorus and potassium fertilization on winter wheat grain yield and water use efficiency. Int J. Agron. Vol 2014, ID 312416    Link PDF

Arnall, D.B., A.P. Mallarino, M.D. Ruark, G.E. Varvel, J.B. Solie, M.L. Stone, J.L. Mullock, R.K. Taylor, and W.R. Raun.  2013.  Relationship between grain crop yield potential and nitrogen response.  Agron. J. 105:1-13.  doi:10.2134/agronj2013.0034

Butchee, K.B., D. B. Arnall, A. Sutradhar, C. B. Godsey, and H. Zhang.  2012.  Determining Critical Soil pH for Grain Sorghum production. Int. J. Agron.  Link  PDF

Rutto, E., D.B. Arnall, Y. Kanke, and W.R. Raun.  2012.  Evaluation of cottons ability to recover from early season nitrogen stress.  J. Cotton Sci.  Link  PDF

Wang, Y., B.L. Dunn, D.B. Arnall, and P. Mao.  2012.  Assessing nitrogen status in potted geranium under greenhouse condition through discriminate analysis of ground-based spectral reflectance data. Hort Sci. (Accepted, In Press)

Arnall, D.B. and R.K. Taylor.  2012.  Development of a yield prediction model for mid-season nitrogen fertilization recommendation in cotton.  J. Cotton Sci.  (Accepted, In Press)

Arnall, D.B. and C.B. Godsey.  2012. Use of CV’s for refining mid-season fertilization N-rates in winter wheat.  J. Plant Nut.  (In Print)

Wang, Y., B.L. Dunn, and D.B. Arnall.  2012.  Using active canopy sensor to quantify geranium nitrogen status and nitrogen application rate under soilless culture system. Hort Sci. 47(1):45–50. 2012

Butchee, K.B, J. May., D.B. Arnall, R. Taylor, W.R. Raun.  2011. Large scale evaluation of the sensor based nitrogen rate calculator. J. Crop Prod. doi:10.1094/CM-2011-0725-01-RS  Link to Pub.

Boyer, C., B. Brorsen, W. Raun, D. Arnall, and J. Solie. 2010 Efficiency of pre-plant, top-dress, and variable rate nitrogen in winter wheat.  J. Plant Nut.

Edwards, J.T., D.B. Arnall, and H. Zhang.  2009.  Nitrogen fertilizer timing and source affect hard red winter wheat yield, but application method does not.  Crop Management. 11 May 2009  Link to Pub


Book Chapters

Arnall, D.B. and R.W. Mullen.  2010.  A review of low and high technology nitrogen management approaches for improved nitrogen use efficiency.  In David Clay (ed) GIS: In Agriculture.  CRC Press Publishing: Chapter 20.






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