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GreenSeeker™ Sensor Flat Rate

GreenSeeker™ Sensor Flat Rate

Utilizing Reference Strips and the GreenSeeker Sensor for full field N rate reccomendations is a common approach utilized in winter wheat production throughout OK.


The Sensor Based Nitrogen Rate Calculator



The SBNRC needs a reference strip within the field, handheld sensor, and IPAQ with Loadup file or Internet access.

Reference StripGreenSeeker Handheld SensorIPAQ with SBNRC


Timing of Sensing

There is an optimum time at which the N-Rich Strip should be sensed with the GreenSeeker Sensor.
For Winter Wheat, this is after green up in the Spring and before hollow stem.  Typically 90-110 GGD's are needed.
For Winter Canola, the timing is before winter dormancy or just prior to bolting in the spring.
For Corn and Sorghum that is between 6 and 10 leaf stage, prior to tassel or head emergence.

It is important that if the strip is visible do not wait the time is right NOW. 



If your phone can open and edit Microsoft Office Excel you can have a mobile SBNRC.
Download the Loadup file of your choose from the nue.okstate web. For the SamSung BlackJack II I sent the file to my own email address, opened the file with my phone and saved it.


SBNRC on your phone




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