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GreenSeeker™ Sensor Variable Rate

GreenSeeker™ Sensor Variable Rate

Variable Rate Nitrogen Application has been evaluated by Oklahoma State Researchers since 2000.


"The GreenSeeker RT200 real time integrated optical sensing and application system measures crop status and variably applies the crop's nitrogen requirements. It predicts yield potential for the crop using the agronomic vegetative index NDVI. The nitrogen recommendation is based on in-season yield potential and the responsiveness of the crop to additional nitrogen.
Numerous NDVI readings are averaged across each zone. A prescription is written. The controller modifies the rate for each ensuing zone. The RT200 works with most variable rate controllers and delivery systems. The sensors can be mounted on booms of various configurations on most sprayers/spreaders. The RT200 allows application of UAN, UREA and NH3 fertilizers. The retrofit is quick and easy."N-Tech Industries RT-200 VRT applicator web page. Link


Video of the OSU Experimental RT-200 applicator.


Video of the Original Experimatal VRT applicator "RT-500".

A sensor was placed in front of every nozzle cluster and rate change occured every 2ft of forward movement. Treatment resolution, 2 ft by 2ft.


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