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Micro Nutrients

Micro Nutrients

The micronutrient elements can be discussed as a group since their sources are somewhat similar.  Industry separates the compounds into two general categories; inorganic and organic.  Inorganic include sulfates, oxides, carbonates and chlorides.  The term organic applies primarily to chelated products and some sequestered materials.  Most chelates, and particularly liquid products, can be mixed with liquid without difficulty.


Chlorine.  Chlorine has only recently been found deficient in Oklahoma soils.  The deficiency in wheat on deep sandy soils near Perkins, OK can be corrected using muriate of potash (0-0-60).  This is the common source of potassium, which is usually also deficient in these sandy soils.


Exerts from Oklahoma Soil Fertlity Handbook 2006, (Zhang and Raun 2006).


Nutrient Deficiency

Table 4.11 from Oklahoma Soil Fertility Handbook 2006, (Zhang and Raun 2006).



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