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Pete's Sheets and Other Cards

Pete's Sheets and Other Cards

The Pete Sheet is a 4x3.5 card that is die cut and folds into a 2x3.5 (business card) document. These info cards contain nutrient recommendations based on OSU factsheets and other information based on topics. We are happy to mail these to anyone who requests them.


Do's and Don'ts of N Rich Strips Still Available but will not reprint when out. 

Nutrient Needs: Wheat, Barley, and Oats

Using the IPAQ with a GreenSeeker Sensor

Nutrient Needs: Corn, Grain/Forage Sorghums

Nutrient Needs: Bermudagrass, Old World Bluestem, Weepings Lovegrass and Cool Season Forages

Nutrient Needs of Oil Seeds: Canola and Sunflower

Nutrient Deficiency ID

Nutrient Removal of Grain, Fiber, and Forage Crops

                                   High Resolution PDF of Nutrient Removal Table download

N-Rich Strip and SBNRC

Nitrogen Cycle 

The Dollar Sensor Ver.1



We will work with any group that would like to add their logo to a Pete-Sheet or Field Guide.
Custom Cover Order Form  also includes standard Nutrient Management Field Guide ordering info.


The Nutrient Management Field Guide (12 pages Spiral bound)
Nutrient Management Field Guide

 Field Guide High Res PDF, Note this is a very large file 150+Mb.

Field Guide Low Res PDF, 4.6 Mb


Would you like some Pete's Sheets, Field Guides or $ Sensors?

We will be happy to mail up to 100 of each Pete Sheet style to you at no charge.
Nutrient Management Field Guides will only be sent 1 per request. Large quantities most be
ordered. See the Custom Cover Order form for Field Guide prices. 
Please send an email with Type of Card and Quantity to b.arnall@okstate.edu

Do you have an idea for a Pete's Sheet topic?

Please send an email with your suggestion to b.arnall@okstate.edu


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