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Plant and Soil Sciences Departmental Poster

Arnall's Ladder Via Roger Gribble.


Grid Sampling Slide sets
UAS / UAV / Drones / Remote Sensing / Imagery in Ag Slide Sets

Down to Earth Look at UAS  4/28/2019
Using Remotely Sensed Data  1/2019
Remote Sensing Tools for N management in Corn 1/2018
Down to Earth Look at UAS. 8/7/2015

N-Rich Strips and GreenSeeker Slide Sets
In-season Nutrient Management May-2019

Nitrogen Slide sets. 

Nitrogen Management in Wheat  5.23.19
New and Old Methods of Nitrogen Rec  Nov 2018

Soil Fertility Slide Sets
Cotton Fertility in the high plains. 2.27.19
Cotton and Corn Fertility Panhandle 3.6.19
Soybean and Corn Fertility 3.6.19
Soybean and Cotton Fertility 3.6.19
Wheat and Cotton Fertility 3.11.19

Soil pH and Liming slide sets

Precision Ag slide sets

Variable Rate Nitrogen  April 2019
Variable Rate Phosphorous April 2019

Ag Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

App for Ag 5.7.8
Scouting Apps Review 2017 InfoAg

GreenSeeker and N-Rich Tech 7/22/2015 No-till on the Plains (KS)
Down to Earth Look at UAS.  Ohio Ag Bus Assoc. 2/5/2015
OK CCA Exam Soil Fertility Prep 1/9/2015

Ag Apps, Ohio Valley Precision Ag 11/18/14
Nitrogen Use Efficiency, TCAP Seminar 9/24/2014
Precision Ag, Wheeler Bros Agronomist Meeting. 5/6/14
RIght Sizing Precision Ag. 4/8/2014 Slides
Agricultural App, KSU Agronomy Seminar, Manhattan KS 4/2/2014 Video
Nitrogen Management, Tri-State In-service, Guymon OK 4/1/2014 
No-till Canola Fertility, OK No-till Conf 3/11-12/2014
NPKS response Study, Great Plains Soil Fertility Co. 3/4/2014
Nutrient Stratification in Notill. Garfield Co. No-till Conf 2/19/2014
Late Season N on Wheat, Fluid Fertilizer Forum Az.  2/17/2014
Starter Fertilizer in Canola, Canola College 2/13/2014
Soil Fertility Short Course, Major Co 2/11/2014
Precision Ag, Blaine Co. Cattlemen 2/6/2014
Nutrient Management for Max Yields.  Pawnee Co. 1/28/2014
Sorghum Fertility, NW Sorghum Tour 1/27-31/2014
Precision Ag. Technologies. Pioneer Agronomy Conference 1/21/2014
Nutrient Def Id Turf, Tree, Ornamental.  Ada 1/16/2014
N-Rich Strips and SBNRC. Lamar Co. 1/11/14 Slides

N-Rich Strips, Alfalfa Co. Producer Meeting 12/20/2013
Scouting Apps Indiana CCA 12/18/2013
Ag Apps for Everyday Use Indiana CCA 12/18/2013
Ag Apps 12.17.13 107 apps Missouri Crop Conference 12/17/2013
Starter Fertilizer OARA Meetings, 12/5/2013
Extension of Optical Sensors ASA Meetings 11/4/2013

Ag Apps Updated 10/16/13 
Agriculture Apps  INFO Ag, 7/16/2013
Field Variability Management, ASA Webinar Prec. Ag for Practitioners 7/10/2013

Tissue Testing, In-service 6/6/2013
Use of Fertilizer Additives, Panhandle Crops 6/13/2013
Right Sizing Prec Ag.  AgEd 4713
Sorghum NUE project, 2013 OK Notill
Fall application of Fertilizer, 2013 OK Notill 
Late Season N on milling and Baking, 2013 FFF Forum
Nutrient Deficiency ID , In-service 2/13/13
         Link to Recorded In-Service ID and Water testing  

2013 Wheat and Canola top-dress options, Jackson Co. Winter Ag 2/12/13
Government Regulation of Nutrient Ap., OCIA Annual meeting 2/8/2013
The Myths about Anhydrous. Garfield Co No-till Workshop 2/7/2013
Nitrogen in a forage and pasture system.  Forage Master Program Tishomingo 2/5/2013
Grain Sorghum after a dry winter NW Sorghum Tour 1-28/2-1
Winter Crops School: Stillwater, OK   12/11/12

             NPKS Demo strip results Lance Shepherd
             DAP placed inrow with canola  Katlynn Weathers
             Nitrogen use and competition by Italian Ryegrass  Steven Calhoun
Nitrogen Rate 101    Mid-Altantic Crop School  11/13/12
Dynamic N-Cycle  OARA 10/30/12
Long Term use of SBNRC on Grain and Soil    ASA Meetings 10/23/12   
Social Media in Extension   SICNA Conference 8/29/2012
Soil Fertility Issues     Winter Crops Meeting Woods Co 
Soil Fertility Issues    Noble Co Wheat Meeting 8/14/12
Soil Fertility Issues   Diversified Services Meetings 8/14/2012
DAP Seed placement and Soil pH impact on Canola, 8th Annual OK/KS Canola Conf. 7/2012

Sensor Algorithms 101, 2012 Int. Conf of Precision Ag, A to Z Workshop

Experience Oklahoma! Sensor Based N Rates, 7/12/12 Student group from Mexico
Master Gardeners Advanced Fertility Training, 6/21/12 Tulsa Co Master Gardeners
What is Precision Ag and How do You do it?, Clemson's Blackville Research Station 6/2012
Maximizing Forage Yield with Soil Testing & Fertilization, Spring County Pasture Meetings 2012
N-Rich and SBNRC for Developing Countries, prepared for IPNI
Right Sizing Nutrient Management for Developing Countries
Nitrogen Cycle 2-2012 Inservice recorded Webinar available link.
            Nitrogen Cycle Lecture for SOIL 2124
            Nitrogen Management Lecture for SOIL 2124
Product Evaluation Winter Crops School Dec 14, 2011
            Product Pres with notes
Droughts impact of Soil Test Winter Crops School Dec 14, 2011
Using Yield Monitors to make Decisions, AAI Conference Enid OK, 12-9-11
Soil test Results for Grant Co and NRS   Grant Co. Notill Conference
Fertility Considerations in No-till & Strip-till  Crop Quest Full Staff Meeting
Right Sizing for International Ag
Abiotic Stress on NUE, TCAP online Lecture
Pushing Yield and Saving $, 9-8-11 Muskogee Co Production Meetings
RT-200 Technology, 8-23-11  Fairview
Alfalfa Fertility, 8-23-11 Major Co. Alfalfa Production Meetings
Soil Fertility Considerations, 8-4-11 Noble Co. Wheat Meeting
The GreenSeeker Technology, 7-28-11 Ok Farm Bureau Production Advantage Workshop
Precision Nutrient Management,  7-25/26-11, 2011 Ag Technology Field Days Afton/Kingfisher
Plant and Soil Science Youth Projects, 7-23/24-11, 2011 No-till Oklahoma Conference
Distribution of Nutrients Across a Field,  7-23/24-11, 2011 No-till Oklahoma Conference
Nitrogen Stabilizers, 7-23/24-11, 2011 No-till Oklahoma Conference
Fertilizer Considerations for Winter Canola, 7-19/20-11 7th Annual Winter Canola Meetings
Soil pH Impact on Nutrients 5-2-2011 Centra In-service
Identification of Nutrient Deficiencies, 4-13-11 NE District Ag Inservice
Maximizing Forage Yield with Soil Testing and Fertilization, 4-13-11 NE District Ag Inserv
Notill Soil Fertility Considerations, 3-29-2011 NW Conservation Tillage Workshop
Reference Strips & Sensors in Mozambique, 3-3-2011 via Skype
Sustainable and Precise Ag, SOIL 3883 2-22-11
Soil pH and Tissue Testing, Garfield Co. Conservation Tillage Workshop 2-17-11
Sorhgum Fertility, 2011 NW OK Sorghum Tour.
Oklahoma's Experience with GreenSeeker. 2011 Ark Crop Managment 1-20-2011
Advanced Fertility. 2011 OK Soybean EXPO 1-18-2011
NUE Improvement through Breeding and CSR. T-CAP Meeting 1-16-2011
Management Zones. 2010 Winter Crops School 12-15-2010
Soil Sensing and Zone Management
. SW/NW Ag In-Service 11-30-2010
Soil Testing and Field Variablity. Noble Co. Workshop 8-12-2010
Wheat Fertility (Katy Butchee). 2010 SW preseaon wheat meetings 8-9-10
2009-10 Wheat Fertility report. 2010 Wheat Review
Cotton N Fertilization Algorithms, Southern US. 8th annual NUE meetings 8-5-2010
Leaving Yield Goals Behind. Wheatland Profit Maximizer 7-21-2010
Extending Precision Ag in Oklahoma. 10th ICPA 7-20-2010
Soil Fertility Management. Winter Wheat Inservice 4-29-2010.
Nutrient Deficiency ID. Centra In-Service 3-3-2010
Soil Acidity and no-till production, Garfield Co. No-till 101. 2-11-09
Optimizing N through sensors,
Oklahom No-till Conf. 2-8-2010
Soybean Fertility Needs
, Soybean Expo. 1-27-09
Leaving Yield Goals and Soil Test N based Rec. behind, Crop Risk Management. 1-6-2010
Producers Experience with RT-200 Marty Williams, Winter Crops School. 12-17-2009
Soil Acidity and Summer Crops, Winter Crops School. 12-17-2009
Large Scale Research of SBNRC, Canadian Co Wheat Meeting 12-7-09
Nitrogen Requirements for Sweet Sorghum, Poster ASA Meetings, 11-09
Sensor Technology: Where has it been and Where is it going. 11-1-09
"English Version" "Spanish Version"
N-Rich Strip and GreenSeeker, Washita Co. No-Till Workshop 10-22-09
Fertility Needs of Alfalfa
, Multi-County Alfalfa Meetings 9-15-09
Nitrogen Issues in Cropping Systems, No-till 101 and No-till Conference
No-till Fertilization (The Depends Talk), Enid No-till
Importance of enough GDDs, Winter Sensor Conference, 12-15-08
Soil pH and Liming, Canton OK, 1-21-09
Soil pH, Ag Expo OKC, 11-08
Use of Reference Strips in Sorghum. SINCA 2009
Sorghum Fertility Issues 2008 Sorghum Tours
Peanut Fertility Issues 2009 Oklahoma Peanut Expo
BMP's for Top Dressing Winter Wheat 2009 Canton, Ok (J. May and J. Vossenkemper)
Three way to Improve NUE from Simple to High Tech, Wheat_Tech_7-30-08
Building a Cotton YP model and SBNRC, ASA Meetings, 10-2008


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